My wife was cleaning up and found an old USB webcam / microphone that we bought for our daughter some years ago.  So, I decided to plug it into my Linux Mint desktop and see what would happen.  And…  nothing happened.  Turns out there are some applications in the Software Manager that can bring alive a webcam.

The program that worked best for me is Kamoso.  Once installed it will appear on the Graphics sub-menu.  This is a cute little program that will show on the screen what the camera sees.  And the program can be used to capture photos and video.  There are also adjustments for hue, contrast, saturation, etc.  Kamoso is a nice little program.

Skype is available for Linux Mint.  Signing up for a Skype account is free.  And it is free to use the audio test capability in Skype, which is helpful to make sure the microphone and volume is working properly.  

In conclusion, setting up a USB webcam on Mint was rather simple.