September 2012

This doesn’t happen too often.  I had files in folders, in turn within folders.  I needed a nice printout of all the files and folders.  This web page had the solution:

The solution is to use the Terminal, use the command “ls -R > filename”.  The “ls” command lists files.  The “-R” option causes the list to include contents of folders and subfolders.  The “>” symbol redirects the output of the command to a file, named “filename” in this example.  To use this, open Terminal from the menu.  Navigate to the top folder you want to list.  Then run the command.

The result will be a printout of each folder, with the files within listed beneath the folder name.




This should be easy to do. Then I realized I had not yet ripped CD tracks to MP3 files on Linux or Mint.  I discovered Sound Juice in the package manager, so I downloaded and installed it.  First problem:  ripping to MP3 format requires another library called “lame.”  So I downloaded and installed it.  That got Sound Juice working just fine.  Almost.
Turns out there is a defect of some king that prevents Sound Juice from properly ripping multi-disc sets.  The problem is described on this page:

This may be fixed in the future, but I needed a solution today.  In poking around I noticed that K3b program will rip CDs, in addition to its other functions.  And it works!  Problem solved.