Another program I really like is Evernote.  This is kind of a handy personal scrapbook.  You can compose in it, or copy text and pictures into it, or even copy web pages into it.  What makes it so special is that it syncs with all your computers.  I can keep working on my projects in Evernote from any computer, whenever I want.

Evernote has a web version and a desktop version.  Desktop versions are available for Windows and Mac.  If you have the Evernote folder that was created during the Windows install process, you can copy that whole folder to Linux Mint and run Evernote with Wine.  Or the easier way is to just use the web version on Mint.  The web version and the desktop version all sync on all your computers.

Here is a screenshot of the Evernote sign-in screen for the web version.  The URL to download Evernote is here:

A good use for Evernote is to keep a to-do list.