The initial install of Mint includes a handy little application called Screenshot.  It is very easy to use and in its simplicity only offers a few options.  For example, it will only store screen captures for saving in the PNG format.  That’s OK but sometimes I may want to have JPG, BMP, or GIF formats instead.  Sure, there are other programs that can read PNG and convert to other formats.  It would be nice not to need that extra step.

I noticed another screen capture program called Shutter.  Nice program!  It is still easy to use and offers a lot more functionality, including the capability to crop a captured image.  Nice!

I have included in here a wide capture of my entire desktop.  Since I am running two monitors side-by-side, it captures one image of both.  I am very happy with this set up.

I have been reading about some new work that the Mint folks are doing with Mate and Cinnamon.  They both sound exciting and I will be eager to try them.