At first I burned two DVDs using “Bombono DVD”.  It’s simple, intuitive, drag ‘n drop files, does transcoding.

But DVD Flick had a feature I’m not finding in any Linux alternative. Maybe I’m missing an option or something.  With DVD Flick (a Windows freeware program), I can highlight, say, 4-hours of video files and drag them over in one bulk drag into DVD Flick.  Somehow DVD Flick would adjust the quality so the 4-hours of video would fit on an ordinary 4.7-GB DVD-R.  The Linux authoring tools won’t let me burn more than about 2-hours of video.  I hope I’m clearly describing the problem.  Sort of like using a 2-hour VHS tape to record in the 6-hour (“EP”) mode.

Some notes:

Bombono DVD — This program stopped working for me so I uninstalled it.  I would drag video files into it, and then the program would simply vanish.  From doing some Google research, it seems I am missing some dependencies required for certain file types, like FLV.  I tried installing some codecs but it did not fix the problem.

DeVeDe — This works!  At least so far!  I have transcoded MOV, FLV, AVI, and MP4 formats into a DVD image (ISO).

Bit Rate — The key to being able to fit more time on a standard DVD is to adjust the bit rate.  DeVeDe makes this really easy.  On the project I burned recently I dragged 13 video files (25-minutes each) into DeVeDe.  It informed me that I was ~350-percent over the capacity of the blank DVD-R.  That’s OK.  All I need to do is adjust the bit rate, by clicking the “Adjust disc usage” button, and DeVeDe fits it all onto a standard DVD-R.  After pushing that button it reported my project would consume 99-percent of capacity of the DVD,  Perfect!

Brasero — This is a nice little program that burns an ISO image file onto a DVD-R.

I am *very* happy to have made this progress in Linux Mint.  DVD authoring was one of the major reasons I needed to keep Windows around.  Now it seems I have the tools I need in Linux.