Today I discovered Screenlets in Linux.  These are little applications that do handy things like give you the weather or your CPU load.  They are there on the desktop.  To install them, first you need to install Screenlets from Mint Software Manager.  After that, you can launch Screenlets from the Mint menu, and then install any that you like.

Additional Screenlets may be downloaded from this web site:

Some of the Screenlets are slicker and more polished than others.  It’s best to try them out and then decide for yourself.

The Screenlet applications live in subdirectories of a hidden directory called “.screenlets” which is in th Home directory (folder).  I am trying several Screenlets at the moment, so I would like to live with them for some time before making any personal recommendations.  This web site has lots of helpful information about Screenlets:

Also, note to self:  Learn what the difference is between a screenlet, a widget, and a desklet.