More notes with my new install of Linux Mint 12:

Mouse — My default mouse speed seemed to be set just short of speed-of-light.  Very uncomfortable.  I found the Hardware Settings menu and noticed it was already set to the slowest setting!  Hmmm.  Google search turned up something called “gpointing-device-settings” which may be downloaded to help.  I found it in Mint’s “Software Manager” (1 of ~36,000 free applications available) and installed it.  After running it, I did not find any useful settings adjustments.  But somehow, my mouse is much slower now.  If it works, don’t question it!

Firefox — This is pre-installed and has an icon on the Favorites menu.  Aside from setting a few preferences, my biggest need was to Sync (get) my bookmarks from the Sync cloud.  I selected “Set Up Sync” from the Tools menu, entered my user ID, password, and 31-character sync Key, and like magic, all my bookmarks and bookmark folders are there!  Easy!

Thunderbird — Not easy.  Will try to keep this short.  First hour was wasted in a struggle just to get Thunderbird to Send/Receive with my ISP (Verizon).  This really had nothing to do with Mint.  I got confused by the relationship Verizon has with Yahoo Mail.  My Verizon credentials did not work with “” and my Yahoo credentials did not work with “” — *but*, finally, in desperation, I found that my Verizon credentials *do* work with “”   Frustrating process, but it’s working.

In Thunderbird Account Settings there is a place to Browse to the mail folder you want to use.  I pointed it to my active mail folder in Thunderbird under Windows, on my “C:” drive.  In my case this is:

</media/Local-C/Documents and Settings/Art.BLACKTIGER/Application Data/Thunderbird/Profiles/67si3olf.default/Mail/2011mail>

Mint is installed on a partition on my “D:” drive.  (This might be important later…)

Once I confirmed I could see all my old emails, and Send/Receive email using Thunderbird in POP3 mode, I powered it down for the evening (last night).  This morning, I boot into Mint, launch Thunderbird, and ALL EMAIL IS GONE!  Huh?  I go back into Thunderbird settings and re-Browse to my mail folder.  My email is back!  Why?  OK, let’s test this.  I power down the PC, re-boot into Mint, launch Thunderbird, and ALL EMAIL IS GONE AGAIN!  OK, I have a hunch.  I re-boot into Mint.  This time I Mount my drive (C:) by opening it.  *Then* I launch Thunderbird and all is GOOD!

So this is my current riddle to try to solve:  Find an automated way to Mount C: drive on boot up.  Or, Mount C: as part of an open Thunderbird script.

Desktop Icons — I would like my heavily used programs (like Thunderbird) to have an icon right on the desktop so I don’t have to drill-down menus to get there.  From the Mint forums it seems this has tripped up a number of people, mostly because we think in the paradigm of Windows or an older version of Linux.  In Mint the answer is to click the Infinity symbol (upper left corner), then on the word “Applications” which is sort of floating out there near the top/center of the screen.  Hover over the application you use heavily and Right-Click it, then choose “Add to Favorites.”  The icon will be added to the main menu of
program selections.  Good enough for me!