In summary there seems to be three install scenarios for Mint (or Ubuntu) when you want Linux and Windows on the same computer:

1) Install Linux as a Windows program.  Install / uninstall is just like any other Windows program.  “Mint4Win” will do it with Mint, just as “WUBI” will do it with Ubuntu.

2) Install Linux side-by-side (dual boot) with Windows, using the default (simple) options in the install wizard.  (This is what I did.  See previous post.)

3) Install Linux side-by-side (dual boot) with Windows, manually configuring multiple hard drive partitions for various elements of Linux.

A fourth way of course it to boot into Mint (or Ubuntu) from the DVD or USB flash drive, instead of a normal boot into Windows.  Of course Mint is not actually *installed* with this approach, since it only lives in volatile memory and vanishes after a shut down.

I would love to read an expert / comprehensive review of the pros/cons of each install method.  If you know of something, please share a link.